Breakthrough RP Rules

 While we want to have a great and successful server. There needs to be ground rules set so things don't get out of hand and chaotic. Therefore if you keep reading down further in this document you will see some guidelines and rules that the staff at BreakThroughRP expect for everyone to understand and follow. These rules will be heavily inforced 


General Rules




    To clarify, meaning you MUST have a legitimate reason to kill or harm someone. Our server is based on ROLE-PLAY so, there will be NO killing on site or killing without a reason! 

RDM/VDM Definition

RDM = Random Deathmatch

VDM = Vehicle Deathmatch

  • Respect Others

    It is REQUIRED that you show respect towards your peers while in and out of character. Derogatory remarks including but not limited to race, gender sexual preference  and/or religion will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Breaking character to attack, harass, insult, or yell at someone for breaking rules or failing RP in a scenario also will be considered as breaking a rule. 



    This includes using OOC(Out of Character) information, having Discord calls with other players while in-game, and/or combat-logging to gain benefit over an RP scenario. Also taking info received outside of Roleplay, like watching a streamer play on the server or just watching someone play in general. 


META/Power Gaming Definition

Metagaming involves using real-life knowledge of the game to give their character an advantage. 


  •  Microphone is REQUIRED

    We should not have to explain this. You must have a decent microphone, meaning no webcam mics or Xbox and Playstation connect mics.  While in-game as we are a role-play server where we expect players to engage and communicate via voice-chat. NO unrealistic voice changers. 


  •  No FAIL Role-Play

    To Fail RP is to do something that doesn't make sense in a real life situation. Examples include but are not limited to: running after being tazed, driving unrealistically off-road, not cooperating after being arrested, running to and from a location like the hospital, police departments or mechanic shops purely to escape RP situations, and/or running after being revived. 


  •   No Exploiting/Hacking

    There is an absolutely ZERO tolerance to this rule being broken. If caught exploiting/cheating or participating in such activities without proper report will result in a permanent and irreversible ban. 


  •  No Sexual Assault Role-Play

    Examples of the include but are not limited to: non-consensual touching, verbal sexual harassment, and/or mocking of such. We have a zero tolerance for this and if we find evidence of such, you WILL face immediate BAN from BreakThroughRP. 


  • NO Suicide/ Terrorism Role-Play

    We understand that this is something that happens in real life situations, this is a very touchy subject and we wish no one to be reminded of it. Thanks for understanding.


  • Follow Fear Role-Play

    You MUST fear for your life in a realistic manner as one would in real- life.


Example #1: If three gangsters find you in an alleyway by yourself and hold you up at gunpoint without any realistic way of escaping the scenario without dying, you MUST follow the FearRP rule without risking your life to escape. 


Example #2: Don’t jump from a bridge where you know you’d drown, to escape being at gunpoint.

  •  Do Not speak out of Character

    Unless being spoken to by an ADMIN or if necessary for game-play. You will NOT speak in-game out of your current selected character. It is very important for us to maintain a quality RP experience for everyone. You speaking out of character could result in tainting one’s stream or game footage.


  •  OOC Chat is for Help ONLY

    OOC Chat (AKA  “/ooc”) is used for help only. We will not allow discussions of scenarios, again and/or what we ate for dinner the night before. It is for in-game help and in-game help only. Having discussions, debates, and/ or arguments in the chat will result in discipline. 


  •  Vigilante RP is Prohibited

    We do NOT allow players to role-play a superhero or fictional character.
Examples: John Wick, Superman, Iron Man, ETC. 


  •  No outside Server Advertisement 

    The advertisement of any FiveM server in any form will result in a permanent and irreversible BAN. We grew healthy on our own and any FiveM server outside BreakThroughRP should practice the same promotion ethics. 


    Additional Notes: While it’s fine to put what you wish in your “custom status” message on Discord. Any advertisement of outside servers on your discord status will result in a removal of any whitelist roles (They’ll be made available when status is removed). 


  •  Using the threat of leaving/quitting as leverage is NOT ALLOWED

    This is extremely toxic behaviour and will not be tolerated. Quitting/ Leaving is your business to do, but keep that business to yourself because it’s toxic toward the community’s growth. 


  •  No spamming or flooding the chat with messages. DO NOT type in all caps. 


  • NO bashing or heated arguments to other people in chat. 


  • No Offensive Names. Discord or In-game names. 


  • Accounts that are inactive for longer than 6 months WILL be removed from the server and WILL be kicked from Discord as well. 


  •  Stealing POLICE, EMS, or MILITARY vehicles is NOT allowed, even those containing AI (locals). (Vehicles include helicopters, tanks, jets, transport vehicles, cargobobs, military helicopters, etc.) However, emergency service player vehicles can be stolen with proper RP behind it.


  • You cannot impersonate COPS/EMS. So do not use the character models/clothes that are associated with emergency services.


  • No cop baiting 

Purposely committing crime with the intent to purposely engage police. This may be presented as purposely speeding, disregarding traffic signals or committing simple crimes in the presence of a Law Enforcement officer.


  • You cannot JUST kidnap

There MUST be 5 Police on for any kidnapping of Police or EMS.  You may not kidnap anyone on the server unless there are police online. You may not kill EMS at any time, or kill police if there are 5 or less. (YOU MUST ROLEPLAY IT OUT)


In Game Rules


  • Green Zones are Crime-Free

    These areas need to be clear of crime. If a crime scenario is brought into a greenzone, it must be brought back into a neutral area. 

Green Zones


Pillbox Hospital

Vehicle Dealerships

Public Garages

Job Center

Police Departments

Mechanic Shops

Trucker Buildings 


  •  No Impersonating Police / EMS / or Server Staff

    It is not allowed to impersonate or insinuate you are involved in police, EMS, and or server staff. It will be considered FailRP and it is against the rules.


  •  No Excessive Disregard of In-Game Laws

    Although you are more than welcome to break the law as it is a part of the RP experience as a whole. Excessively driving 100+ MPH through town and/or welding a weapon everywhere you go will be considered FailRP. 


  •  No Camping In High Traffic Areas

    It is against the rules to camp and hide out in high traffic areas including but not limited to “Green Zones”, and job areas. 


  •  Kidnapping/Robbing The Same Player

    You may NOT rob new players at all. You may NOT rob the same player over and over. 


  •  When Revived From EMS You are in Their Custody

Once you’ve been revived by the EMS on scene, you are required to role=play and get medical clearance before running off or leaving the scene. 


  •  Super Cars May NOT Be Used In Criminal Activity

    It is never seen a Lamborghini fleeing from a bank robbery so it will be considered FailRP to use a super, hyper or Limited Edition Vehicle for ANY criminal activity.